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New release features (Sept 2017)

  • ACCESS 2 Updates
  • Custom reports now includes the option to add discipline and/or absences
  • Longitudinal by Demographic Report now available
  • Viewpoint is now optimized for Edge, Chromebooks, Ipads, and Smartphones

Contact administrator(s) for assistance or request training/support if needed: Bonnie X6808; Tina X6711

Reminder of Confidentiality

    Viewpoint compiles and reports confidential information about individual students that is sensitive in nature and protected by state and federal law, as well as by local district policy. This information is made available in order to serve our students, and is provided on condition of responsible use.

    I certify that the information I access will be used solely toward instructional or administrative purposes.

    I agree to manage all information gathered, whether by visual review or in digital or printed formats, responsibly and in a confidential manner.

Version: Viewpoint is a registered trademark of Central Minnesota Educational Research and Development Council